During the years Beyond Force has existed, it has released quite a few demos. Among these demos, there are some bigger projects and large amounts of small and maybe not so serious projects. If you want to get to know something about the bigger projects you can check some of the following demos. There is a some kind of a story of each of them behind the links. Do note that the emphasize in the stories is on the coding side since Beyond Force has always concentrated on it.

Phantasie, Released 1989, Coded by Solomon and TNT.

Poor, Released 1989, Coded by Sam, RSB, Solomon, Control, Pi, Hazor.

Typical, Released 1990, Coded by Sam, TNT, Control, Pi.

Attack of Stubidos, Released 1991, Coded by Gremlin, Xentrix.

Partytrap, Released 1992, Coded by Sam, Gremlin, TNT.

Attack of Stubidos - part 3, Released 1994, Coded by Gremlin.

Nothing but code, Released 1996, Coded by Gremlin.

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