Beyond Force is a demo group founded in the early months of 1988. For the most part of the time all the members have been Finnish and for the most part of the time almost everyone has known about everyone else. There has been some short times when we have had a few foreign members, for example from Norway (Control and Pi). Membership of the Beyond Force has always been considered as a permanent membership. That means that once you are in the group, normally nobody is going to kick you out. Besides, who would want to kick his friends out of the group.

In the beginning, the functions of Beyond Force varied from cracking games to coding demos and intros and yet making those fabolous music collections that usually were collected by Hazor. For the most part Hazor has been responsible for organizing and everyone has had a right to kick his butt if something concerned the group is not going ok. Hazor is usually considered the founder of Beyond Force if one spesific person would have to be named. Meetings have always been a major part of Beyond Force's actions. There are many years that there's been two even three meetings organized. These meeting have been organized usually wherever it has been possible - sometimes its been in someone's home and on the other occasions it may have been in a school rented for the meeting. Nowadays the frequency of the meeting has settled to once a year.

In the meetings there are usually a lot of hardware brought to the meeting place and the meetings usually concentrate around the computers and watching the newest demos and sometimes playing the best games. Sometimes there has been enough energy to even code a meeting production. But nowadays the meetings have gone into direction where people just come to meet old friends, maybe watch some films and just practically have fun. Though there has always been some kind of a connection to the world of computers.

Another happenings Beyond Force members usually meet are scene events called parties. When Beyond Force is going to some party there are usually a big number of beyonders presented and maybe sometimes a competition demo released. Though many times the actions have been focused on terrorizing the other sceners and at least disturbing the other people on the party. There are a few memebers who seem to taken this like a mission, but they won't be mentioned here.

Of course when talking about the functions of Beyond Force, the sports has to be mentioned. During the last few years it has become a fashion to have some football and ultimate competitions at the parties. One of the occasions was at Assembly 1992 where combined team of Beyond Force and Elysion won the ultimate competition. At the same party Beyond Force was second in the football competition. There was even two Beyond Force teams in the tournament.

There are a lot of different sets of machinery Beyond Force has been using while bringing out the various innovations created by the members. Though the biggest attention has been focused into C64 and the demos on it. By the way, there are some different ways of achieving things on C64. Just think that Solomon coded with his old C64 and the faboulous cassette driver. The others have mostly used the user-friendly disk drive. But the C64 isn't the most primitive piece of machinery the group has used. TNT has coded a thing or two with the fabolous VIC-20. In the nineties the members have pretty much used Commodore Amigas (500, 1200, 3000 and 4000) and nowadays the PC has become more or less the norm. But the machinery doesn't stop here. VCR is probably one of the most popular piece of machinery used by the members as some members even traded films.

On the computer side, the Beyond Force has always concentrated on coding. There aren't many groups that can match the number of coders there has been in the group. Think about the following list presented in no order: TNT, Sam, Axeman, Solomon, Hazor, RSB, Boss, Control, Pi, Gremlin, Hawkeye, Pioneer, Stranger, Xentrix, Sage and the list just goes on and on... On the other hand, there hasn't been really same kind of overload of graphcians in the group and many of the coders have once or twice tried to draw the graphics themselves. Sure there has been some graphicians like TLB, Napalm, Himuli and some others. Some have tried even to compose music like Axeman and Jogi. But the music hasn't really ever been a problem as many friends of the group like Markus Schneider, Moz(ic)art, Mixer/Origo, Zardax/Origo and Rock/Finnish Gold have supported with great tunes to demos. On some occasions other people have drawn some graphics for us too. Even some people we haven't even known (They must have seen some of the demos). Of course, Beyond Force too, has had some swappers in the old times when the wares got spread through the regular mail. Mostly the swapping has been handled by the members whose main job had been really something else than swapping. So members who did only swapping are pretty rare in Beyond Force. Of course then there are some people who don't do anything at all. They won't be mentioned at all here because the list would be far too long for this site. These members are the ones that show up at the meetings and parties.

During the last couple of years, Beyond Force has moved on to the global Internet and most people have access to things like WWW, e-mail and the other services provided by the web. If you have anything to tell or ask or you want to send something to us, we can be reached through our mailing list at

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