Other Groups

This page is for telling a bit about the closest friends of Beyond Force, the groups that have been in touch with us or have somehow affected the existence of Beyond Force. There is no guarantee that everyone is mentioned here, so don't upset if your name won't be found here - just inform some of us and we'll probably update this page whenever we have time to do so.

Perhaps the group that has been most actively in contact with us has been Origo Dreamline, formerly known as Brains. Origo and Beyond Force have released one co-operation demo in 1989 and we've organized meetings together for years. Additionally, whenever there have been parties in Finland or abroad, these two groups have been going there with the same bunch of people many times as some of the members are from the same side of country. If you want to get familiar with Origo Dreamline, you can try the official Origo Dreamline web site.

The Byterapers are a living legend that has been around even longer than Beyond Force and they're still going on strong. They've had some business with us during the times in good and in bad aswell. Anyway if you want to take a good insight in them or Finnish scene even before Beyond Force, you can check the official Byterapers' web site, that includes for example the following stories: Definite list of Finnish Parties ALL TIME, Byterapers Story, Finnish Scene Museum etc. Their web site is pretty much text oriented and works well with as primitive browsers as lynx.

Another site holding information about other well known groups in scene is the Hall of Fame gathered by Jean of Chromance. The site is still under heavy construction.

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