History - Chapter 1

These pages are about the history of Beyond Force, about how it all started and what is the current status of Beyond Force. The writer of this page doesn't take any responsibility if some things written here are not correct as this is not supposed to be any kind of a absolute truth about the history of Beyond. Additionally, there may be some more or less important issues that are left out of this text's scope due to ignorance of the writer. Things happened on the Amiga are especially on a weak basis.

Beyond Force was founded in the early months of 1988 and the main man behind the original trademark undoubtedly was Hazor. Among the first members were also Axeman, Solomon, TNT, Boss and some others. Beyond Force started first with releasing small intros and demos. At the early days cracking games was in picture as well but Beyond Force never gained reputation with real good releases in the cracking scene. It didn't took long until the group turned mostly legal. Additionally there was a short period of time late in the year where Beyond Force was in co-operation with Xades Society, but that coop ended before the year 1989 started. Beyond Force also released a few music collections mostly done by Hazor that year.

During the year 1988 Beyond Force released a few nice demos - the quality on the coding side was going up gradually as TNT, Solomon, RSB and Boss released several small and a bit larger productions. Towards the end of the year TNT and Solomon had been working on a project that was to be released in the beginning of 1989 labeled 'Phantasie'. This is probably the demo that lifted Beyond Force to another level for good. Phantasie featured a lot of new ideas and effects that were hi-tech at the time. Slowly Beyond Force had created a reputation first and foremost as a coder group - designing the demos was left pretty much secondary. This is a quality that can be seen throughout the demos Beyond Force has released up to this day. Of course, some exceptions to the tradition have been made every now and then, but generally when the coders not only design their demos but also draw the graphics, what else would you expect the result to be. In the year there were a few meetings held and through all times this habit has continued to exist as the latest meeting was held in january 1997. Our slogan from that time - the leadding edge of coding - pretty much tells about the attitudes the members had back then.

In 1989 TNT and Solomon kept releasing smaller demos on their own. Demos of which 'Charlatan', 'Splitter' and 'Metamorphoses' are the ones that became the biggest hits. Charlatan and Splitter were introducing a whole new technique to create splits on C-64. The first one of these two, Charlatan, was coded by Solomon and it featured a routine that held 37 splits, while at the time demos hadn't even half of it at most. It's a bit hard to describe how stunning the demos were at the time, but if you know the demo Charlatan and have read Solomon's tales about the roots of the effect (they are just tales) and consider that some people actually believed them, you may get some kind of a picture of the situation. Shortly after Charlatan, TNT's splitter took splitting into a new level. The routine presented 80 splits in the background and 2 in the borders.

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