The year 1989 hit the scene from the part of Beyond Force as probably the most productive year of Beyond Force's existence. Not only TNT and Solomon released a few demos but also Axeman started coding. His demo 'Stubido' hit the screens that same year, though at the same time Boss was getting unactive and turning into Amiga scene. Later that year there was also released a short demo coded by Solomon and finished by Hazor, called Insanity which followed the complicated math-based pixel manipulation turned into animation Solomon had already shown in Charlatan and Metamorphoses. RSB was also active in 1989, he and Axeman were responsible for the One Year Beyond demo that was released at Horizon & Equinoxe easterparty. Among the early releases from RSB was one of the first sinusscrollers on C-64 too. During the year some people like Solomon and TNT got a bit more inactive as both of them were compelled to join the Finnish army. On the other hand Beyond Force got another coder as Sam joined and released a demo with a few parts of his work.

Late in 1989 Beyond Force released another big demo at Dominators & Upfront christmas party held in Denmark. Poor was released in co-operation with a new group called Origo. Origo's parts were named Biascrusher. Origo was founded by mostly the ex-members from Brains. Up until the Poor was released, Beyond Force had already gotten two more coders, Control and Pi, both of whom were Norweigians. Also Moz(ic)art started a bit unofficial co-operation with Beyond Force supporting the demos with their music. The Poor featured parts from Sam, Solomon, RSB, Control and Pi with some coding also done by Hazor. Many people at the party said that the demo was amazing. The only odd thing is that it didn't achieve anything really special in the demo competition, which was won by Bones.

In 1990 things started to get a bit slower as the next demo was released at the Horizon's easterparty 1990 held in Varby, Sweden. This is the party that pretty much all the sceners of the time consider as some kind of peak in the C-64 demo scene. Although Typical, which was coded by Sam, TNT, Control and PI, was disqualified for not being released right after the competition, the competition was a huge success. There were probably 40-50 contributions to the competition. The whole competition was won by Origo Dreamline with the margin of one single vote. Light was second and Flash Incorporated was 3rd. Though Typical was disqualified, it finished 5th in the voting, so it didn't go all that bad for Beyond Force. The group's expanding continued in 1990 as Hawkeye and Stranger (both coders) joined. Later in the year Axeman released a sequel into his Stubido series at the GrendelParty held in Iisalmi, Finland. In November 1990 Beyond got yet one more coder nicknamed Gremlin. Some other transactions took place too as Control an Pi left the group and Beyond Force became all Finnish group once again. Coding of the next year's easterparty held by Horizon started well before hand.