Light & Phenomena Easterparty 1992

In 1992 Horizon decided not to organized a huge party like the previous three years. Instead, another elite on C64, Light, in co-operation with Amiga-scene legends organized an easterparty for both C64 and Amiga freaks. The partyplace was in Alingsas, Sweden. Alingsas is located something like 20 miles from Sweden's second biggest city, Gothenburg, so the partytrip had to be accomplished with own car. Sam of Beyond Force was the one who had the privilege to loan a car from his parents. So a bunch of beyonders and BX of Origo Dreamline packed into that car and started travelling towards the partyplace. Once again, the partyplace was moved from the original place, which was supposed to be a school in Alingsas. However something went wrong this time too and the whole event was moved into an ice-hockey hall.

Although the party was moved into an ice-hockey hall it didn't seem to matter the freaks presented at the party. Unfortunately, there were only few people from C64-scene presented and the most people were Amiga freaks once again. Fortunately some old C64-legends showed up like Horizon, who were coding their last C64-demo there, though it didn't get ready in time for the demo compo and it was released later that year.

Demo competition was surprisingly good as there were about 20 contributors, ten of which were shown in the big screen. Actually the screen was about as good as the screen at previous year's Horizon easterparty. The competition was of high quality as almost all the ten demos shown were impressive at least to a some extent. Too bad that a big portion of the audience was Amiga freaks who seemed to think that if some Amiga effect was coded on C64, it was very amazing - some of those effects sure were impressive.

The competition was won by Origo Dreamline once again, so with many parts already coded the year before they came up with very clear margin of votes on top of the second place finisher Beyond Force. Beyond Force's demo was named 'Partytrap' and the coders behind the demo were Gremlin, TNT and Sam. To tell the truth, we got lucky that time as the third demo by Antic lost with a very small margin and the rest of the demos were of pretty good quality. So for the 3rd year in the running the Finnish coders took the easterparty trophy from Sweden and at this time the second prize was taken to Finland as well.