Horizon's Easterparty 1991

The allmighty Horizon came back for the 3rd easterparty in 1991 and the party was planned to be held in the same place as the previous year - Varby, Sweden. However something went wrong and the partyplace was changed in the last minute to Huddinge, which was pretty close to the original partyplace. The party was huge with lots of people present but the previous year's atmosphere was a bit gone as most of the people present were Amiga freaks. Luckily, a lot of C64-freaks were present and the trip resulted as a success. Most of the Beyond Force party-goers travelled together from the Turku to Stockholm by those huge ships (Viking Line).

Beyond Force's contribution to the demo compo was not put together in the last minute as it usually tends to go. Instead, most of the parts were pretty much ready and only the linking was supposed to take place at the partyplace. For once it wasn't Beyond Force who was pushing the deadlines again and again. The competition was pretty good - though nothing like the previous year's competition. There were a lot less contributors but 10-15 demos were in the competition anyway. The crowd was pretty impressed by some of the parts in Beyond Force's demo as Sam's multicolor sinusscroll was well applauded and Solomon's logo-zoom-stretcher almost brouht the most eager viewers out of their seats. Too bad the audience didn't really understand the beauty of TNT's zooming Finnish flags (I wonder why?). A big thank you have to be presented to Horizon for providing the competition with a large silver screen. In addition to the coders mentioned, Gremlin contributed with a few parts in the demo too.

The party itself and especially the competition went well, actually it couldn't have gone better as Beyond Force took the first prize trophy to Finlad for the second year in a row. The previous year the first place finisher was of course Origo, who failed to release a demo at this year's party. This time around the Swedish group Flash Incorporated came up with one place higher rank than the previous year and took the second place as Panoramic Designs took the 3rd place. All in all, the party went real well for Beyond Force and not-so-well for Origo as on the way back home one particular coder of the group got into pretty bad condition.