Horizon's Easterparty 1990

The true scene veterans and long time elites in Horizon organized the second annual easterparty in Varby, Sweden in 1990. The whole event lasted for 3-4 days and Beyond Force was of course present at the partyplace and 'Typical' the demo was coded for the party - the only bad thing was that it didn't get finished in time and some ignorant people accidentally spread that false version of it. The official version that was spread after the party has special notes of disk, so if you still have the old version, please ignore it and get hold of the right one.

The party held in 1990 by Horizon has sticked into many scener's minds as one of the best parties ever organized for C64 demos. The demo competition was a true success as there were almost too many entries in the compo (about 40-50). The demos were probably the first time ever shown on the big screen. Almost all the famous and some not-so-famous people seemed to be present and the demo competition was of high quality. Only thing that leaves a bit bad taste from the party was that the hosts Horizon didn't enter the demo competition because of the hard pressure from Goblin of Light who was moralizing that the organizers should not be taking part in the demo competition. Maybe he was right but it is a bit questionable as Light was in the demo competition and it sure sounds like he hadn't liked to see Horizon beating Light's demo. Anyway Horizon's demo was really an impressive one and it was released there.

The competition lasted for hours and it was really tight on the top. The Finnish democoders in Origo Dreamline just edged Light on the top position by one single vote with their 'Eldorado' that included the famous hires fli interlace graphics that looked amazing on the big screen. Light's 'Brutal II' was second including a pretty fast line drawing routine used to rotate one object around its axises in the final part. Flash Incorporated was Third in the competition. Also old elites like Hoaxers and Panoramic Designs took part in the competition, but also some new talents like Padua appeared in the competition with a good demo.